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AASIS Specific Forms
General Information Links
Help Desk On-Line Form Fill In
Courseware Correction Form (on-line form) Fill In
Courseware Correction Form
- (form for Faxing to ASC TRAINING MANAGER at 501-682-2999)
HR- Request for Administrator Change Form  
  Instructions PDF
  Example  XLS
  Form  XLS
Printer Configuration Request Form Fill In
Security Authorization Form - AASIS Role Request Spreadsheet XLS
Security Authorization form for internal use only
- (This form is retained internally in the employee's personnel file or their security authorization file for auditing purposes and is not sent to the AASIS Support Center for processing.)
PBAS Access Request for Agency Roles
- Email to:
PBAS Access Request For DFA Roles (DFA Employees Only)
- Email to:
DFA Form Links
The forms directly below are direct links to the Forms Page on the main DFA Site and questions about these forms should be directed to the appropriate DFA office who is responsible for each of these forms. Forms not listed below, that you would like to see included on this page, can be reported to the AASIS webmaster.
Links to Pages on DFA Site Links
DFA Forms Link HTM
Financial Management Guide Index of Forms and Appendices HTM
Budget Facts and Information HTM
State Employees Benefit Library HTM
Office of Child Support Overview/Forms HTM
TR1 - Travel Reimbursement Form XLS
HR Forms Links
Human Resources Coding Guide PDF
Concurrent Employment Action PDF
Concurrent Employment Request PDF
Emergency Hire Request PDF
Employee Request for Leave PDF DOC
Proof of Prior Service PDF
Terminate Concurrent Employment DOC
Weekly Time Sheet - Short Form PDF DOC
FI Forms Links
AFGM 2001 Old Year Warrant Cancellations PDF
Budget Classification Transfer Request PDF
Delivery Address HTM
Drug Law Enforcement Program Form PDF
Goods Receipt Report PDF
Lost Warrant Procedure & Forms HTM
Material Master Request HTM
Misc Federal Grants HTM
Purchase Requisition PDF
Refund to Expenditure DOC
Revenue Receipt Corrections HTM
Surplus Disposal Forms WEB
Surplus Disposal Instructions HTM
Vendor Maintenance PDF
How To Contact AASIS Support Center (ASC)
Division/Section Request Form Telephone Fax
ASC Help Desk 501-683-2255  
AASIS Support Center     501-682-2999
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