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Office of State Procurement
Anticipation to Award (Policy) - 05/04/2016 01:03 AM
Bid  #
Bid Opening Date
* Projected Total Value
Posting Date
SP-16-0205 04/04/2016 High Bandwidth Transport Services K-12 $4,083,602.10 04/22/2016 Download List [.XLSX]
SP-16-0161 03/17/2016 Military Installation Impact Analysis $399,260.00 04/25/2016 Matrix Design Group
SP-16-0172 04/27/2016 Structure, Fab/Pre-Fab $141,586.00 05/03/2016 D&J Steel
Bid Unsuccessful
Bid # Bid Opening Date
Commodity Services
Posting Date
* Projected Total Value is the total cost, including, but not limited to, expenditures that may be incurred under all available periods of extension if the extensions were executed.