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Office of State Procurement
Anticipation to Award (Policy) - 09/30/2014 12:56 PM
Bid  #
Bid Opening Date
* Projected Total Value
Posting Date
SP-15-0007 09/09/2014 Transitional Housing Services $0.00 09/16/2014 Quapaw House, New Hope Living Center, Ozark Mountain Alcohol Residential Treatment, Darnell Brown Community Development Corporation, Phoenix Recovery Center, Sober Living, Northeast Arkansas Regional Recovery Center, Wings of Freedom, Quality Living Center, Committee Against Spouse Abuse, Recovery Centers of Arkansas
SP-15-0010 09/24/2014 Refrigerated Bob Truck $124,051.00 09/29/2014 Truck Centers of Arkansas
SP-15-0020 09/25/2014 Emergency Generators $103,130.00 09/29/2014 RP Power
Bid Unsuccessful
Bid # Bid Opening Date
Commodity Services
Posting Date
SP-15-0015R 09/24/2014 Wrecker with Rollback Carrier No bids were received. 09/26/2014
SP-14-0166 08/11/2014 Landfill Maintenance No Award 09/29/2014
* Projected Total Value is the total cost, including, but not limited to, expenditures that may be incurred under all available periods of extension if the extensions were executed.