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Office of State Procurement
Anticipation to Award (Policy) - 02/14/2016 02:05 AM
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Bid Opening Date
* Projected Total Value
Posting Date
SP-15-0113 01/07/2016 Nursing Services $359,000.00 02/01/2016 Vendor 1: Arkansas Medical Staffing, Inc.; Vendor 2: Arkansas Healthcare Personnel, Inc.
SP-15-0125 01/07/2016 Nursing Services $0.00 02/04/2016 This is a multiple award contract and the rankings show the order in which the vendorís are to be contacted. #1 Ranked: Arkansas Healthcare Personnel ($697,800.00); #2 Ranked: SB&P dba BrightStar Care ($804,000.00); #3 Ranked:Gifted Nurses, LLC Dba Gifted Healthcare ($805,950.00); #4 Ranked: A Quality Staffing dba Elite Medical ($852,450.00)
SP-16-0122 02/02/2016 Buiological Waste $21,024.58 02/05/2016 BioCycle, Inc.
Bid Unsuccessful
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Commodity Services
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* Projected Total Value is the total cost, including, but not limited to, expenditures that may be incurred under all available periods of extension if the extensions were executed.