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Office of State Procurement
Anticipation to Award (Policy) - 10/17/2018 09:24 PM
Bid  #
Bid Opening Date
Initial Contract Amount
Posting Date
SP-17-0012 07/07/2017 IE-BM $205,089,620.00 10/04/2018 Download List [.GOV/OSP-ANTICIPATION-TO-AWARD/DETAILS/SP-17-0012-IE-BM]
SP-18-0110 10/11/2018 Police Uniforms $70,242.50 10/15/2018 Download List [.GOV/OSP-ANTICIPATION-TO-AWARD/DETAILS/SP-18-0110-POLICE-UNIFORMS]
710-19-1003 10/04/2018 Production, Printing and Mailing of Tax Forms 1095-B and 1094-B $3,734,668.60 10/16/2018 Download List [.GOV/OSP-ANTICIPATION-TO-AWARD/DETAILS/710-19-1003-PRODUCTION-PRINTING-AND-MAILING-OF-TAX-FORMS-1095B-AND-1094B]
Cancelled Bids
Bid # Bid Opening Date
Commodity Services
Posting Date
SP-18-0074* 09/21/2018 Centralized Master Control Room System and Services *Unsuccessful bid 10/10/2018
710-18-1000R* 08/15/2018 Independent Verification and Validation Services (IV and V) *NO AWARD 10/17/2018