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from Rush B. Deacon, President

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A Special Invitation to the Legislature

By now you should have received a registration form inviting you to attend this year’s Governor’s Housing Conference which is being held on May 3, 2000 at the State House Convention Center. The conference will bring together national and local perspectives, as well as new information about trends and the future of the affordable housing industry in Arkansas.

At 3:15 p.m., I will be leading a panel to discuss housing policy that may be relevant for the 2001 session and beyond. With your busy schedules, I know many of you may not have the time to attend all day. Please feel free to drop in on just this session. All you have to do is identify yourself as a legislator at ADFA’s registration booth and come in.

If you would like to attend for the entire day, please let us know you are coming by April 27. Your registration fee is waived, but this allows us to make plans for meals.

The need for affordable housing continues to grow and impacts every county in Arkansas. Your attendance and participation will help us stay one step ahead of the demand for affordable housing.

Board actions (March meeting)

ADFA Board of Directors approved the following actions during its March board meeting:

  • A tax-exempt bond issue in the amount of $7,750,000 to Arkat Land Company, LLC of Dumas, AR, to finance the purchase of land, buildings, improvements and machinery.

  • Approximately 35 jobs will be created.

  • A tax-exempt bond issue in the amount of $4,000,000 to FM Structural Plastic Technology located in Rogers, AR to acquire and install new equipment in an existing industrial facility.

  • The issuance of $1.1 million in State Agency Facilities Construction Bonds to renovate and repair the Justice Building of the State of Arkansas.

  • The issuance of not to exceed $5.2 million in Multi Family Housing Revenue Bonds to finance the acquisition and renovation of the Pines Apartments located at 5813 Baseline Road in Little Rock, AR.


ADFA Employee Spotlight

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Last month I began spotlighting the activities of some of our staff in order to give you a better understanding of the daily business that take place at ADFA.

This month I’m featuring Monica Johnson, Administrative Assistant for ADFA’s Single Family Housing Section.

In addition to word processing, answering phones and such traditional administrative duties, Monica is also responsible for making up new files for all of the approximately 1,900 new home loans made annually. She is responsible for filing new insurance forms for all past and current home loans. Finally, Monica prepares release forms for the over 1000 homeowners that pay off loans each year.

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