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In the Office:
Debra Asbury Director (501) 324-9100
Faye Tate Deputy Director (501) 324-9113
John Nichols Staff Attorney (501) 324-9109
Angela Rhodes Division Administrator (501) 324-9112
Penny Jump Fiscal Support Analyst (501) 324-9103
Danny Wade Information Systems (501) 324-9105
Tammy Johnson Personal Property (501) 324-9111
Bill Long Business Personal Auditor (501) 324-8548
Monty Davenport Property Assessment Manager (501) 324-8588
Dan Cypert Division Administrator - Ratio Studies (501) 324-9108
Grant Yaney Division Administrator - Field Operations (501) 324-9106
Beverly Shaw Real Property Data Manager (501) 324-9110
Cleta McVay Education (501) 324-9104
Rob McGee Division Administrator - Agricultural, Minerals, and Mapping (501) 324-9114
In the Field:

Assessment Coordination Department field staff may work in any given county on any given day. In order to contact our staff in the field, call or email John Boyce or Beverly Shaw for assistance.

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