Citizen Alert System

This sytem will send alerts to any device with an email address.

Choose from the following Notifications:

Morgan Nick/Amber Alerts

Notification when Arkansas State Police issues a Morgan Nick/Amber Alert regarding a missing child.

Silver Alerts

Notification when Arkansas State Police issues a Silver Alert regarding missing seniors and/or other adults with Alzheimer's or other cognitive disorders.

Announcements from

Notification of new services added to in addition to new features, personal property and real estate tax reminders and special news about the state's official website.


Notification of new press releases and articles from agencies throughout Arkansas government.

Homeland Security

Notification when the national and state terror threat level changes.

State's Inclement Weather

Notification when the Governor implements the state's inclement weather policy.

Flag Alert

Notification when the Arkansas State Flag and United States Flag should be flown at half staff.