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Arkansas Gov2Go
Your Personal Government Assistant’s new Gov2Go feature helps citizens locate and use government services using text messages and email. This service, the first of its kind in state government, uses natural language processes, a powerful search relevancy engine connected to a broad array of government data, allows citizens to:
• Find out information on their elected officials, polling locations, and get phone numbers from a database of over 2,000 government services
• Setup reminders for tax payment deadlines, professional license renewal, and other important dates
• Sign up for Amber, Silver, and Weather Alerts

Gov2Go isn't just for text messages, you can also configure alerts using your email address. 

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Evolutionized Search

Around 70% of visitors to use the search first to find what they are looking for and the new smart search adds several features to make searches more accurate and useful to visitors.
• The search accesses databases of people, agencies, services, jobs, and web pages simultaneously. The new search summary shows the most relevant results all on one page.
• Natural language processing combined with a unique scoring system guesses what you are searching for and displays those results first.
• Location aware results – search results are keyed to your location so results near you rank higher.
• The system learns from other users who successfully locate content and provides predictive search suggestions dynamically.

Responsive Vertical Scroll Design’s new design places a premium on mobile access through the use of responsive design and a new vertically oriented layout. Responsive design provides access to content at any screen resolution. The new vertical layout encourages users to explore the site by scrolling through content rather than the traditional fixed navigation system.

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