Code of Ethics

Professional Soil Classifiers registered by this Board are to be knowledgeable of the contents of ACT 460 of 1975 of the State of Arkansas and must subscribe to the following code of ethics.

Professional Soil Classifiers:

  • Shall maintain high personal and professional ethics and standards; shall be forthright and candid in written and oral statements; shall accept responsibility for professional acts; shall respect confidentiality of information of clients or employers; shall not promote self-interest at the expense of the profession or other professionals; and shall not associate professionally with individuals or firms who do not accept the principles of this code.

  • Shall avoid conflicts of interest or apparent conflicts of interest; shall advise all clients or employers of such conflicts either apparent or real; shall make full and written disclosure to all parties concerned if compensated by more than one party for the same service; and shall state, upon request, on whose behalf he or she is working.

  • Shall undertake soil classifying assignments only when qualified by training or experience and shall engage or advise engaging other experts and specialists whenever the client's or employer's interests are best served by such service.

  • Shall support and promote the development and growth of the profession of soil classifying; shall assist other soil classifiers in their training; shall exchange non-confidential professional information to increase professional effectiveness; shall be encouraged to join and support professional organizations; shall enhance public knowledge and appreciation of the profession of soil classifying; shall protect the soil classifying profession from misrepresentation, and shall report unethical conduct of professionals to the Board.

  • Shall advertise in a manner that is straight forward and in no way misleading.

  • Shall refrain from loose and unproductive criticism of the work of another professional; but may agree or disagree with the findings or conclusions of another.

  • May evaluate soils and or sites by criteria other than those of the soil classifying profession. In such cases these criteria shall be strictly followed and the report issued shall clearly reflect the criteria used. If use of such criteria results in an evaluation contrary to accepted principles of soil classifying, the report shall also reflect the evaluation by accepted soil classifying criteria.