Who is a Professional Soil Classifier?

In Arkansas:

  • One who has met the educational and professional requirements.

  • One whose skills have been successfully evaluated or tested by the State Board; and

  • One who maintains their registration within the State of Arkansas by complying with the rules and regulations of the State Board and by paying their annual dues to the State Board.

What does and Arkansas Registered Professional Soil Classifier do?

  • Maps and classifies soils into similar groups.

  • Interprets soil properties for different land uses. (e.g. growing crops, gardens, erosion control, septic systems, etc...)

  • Evaluates water movement through soils, soil quality, soil spatial variability, wetness.

  • Collects soil samples for chemical, physical, engineering and biological analysis.

Where are Professional Soil Classifiers employed?

  • Businesses and independent consultants involved in agriculture, forestry, waste utilization, surveying and mapping, land information systems, land use planning, and engineering.

  • State Agencies such as the Department of Health, Agriculture Extension Service, Agricultural Experiment Station, and Universities.

  • Federal Agencies such as the US Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service.