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Administrative Rules Bulk Data Download | Secretary of State, Office of the

Purchase Adminstrative Rules and Regulations data file. Requires subscription.

Arkansas Legislature Bill Status | Free Service | Legislative Research, Arkansas Bureau of

Search the status of a legislative bill when the Arkansas Legislature is in session.

Commercial Driver Alcohol and Drug Test Reporting | Finance and Administration, Arkansas Department of

Companies report and search for positive drug or alcohol test results for CDL holders.

Commercial Driver Record Status Watch | Finance and Administration, Arkansas Department of

Monitor the status of commercial driver licenses to check for violations.

Corporation Entities Customized Lists | Secretary of State, Office of the

Purchase customized data sets of registered corporations. Requires subscription.

Criminal Background Record Search | State Police, Arkansas

Search for Arkansas criminal record using name or National/FBI fingerprint record. Requires subscription.

Driver Records/Traffic Violation Reports (TVR) | Finance and Administration, Arkansas Department of

Purchase driver record and traffic violation reports (TVR). Requires subscription.

Driving Records | Personal Traffic Violation Report | Finance and Administration, Arkansas Department of

Purchase a personal insurance record or commerical license driving record online.

Electronic Fingerprint Civil Harvester | State Police, Arkansas

Subscription service available only to approved fingerprint harvesters who transmit non-criminal justice requests for criminal history information to Arkansas State Police.

Inmate Population Data Download | Correction, Arkansas Department of

Purchase the date file of inmates currently incarcerated in Arkansas prisons. Subscription required.

Legislation Tracking System | Bill Watch | Subscription | Information Network of Arkansas

Follow bill activity during legislative sessions. Requires subscription.

Nursing License Verification & Status Watch | Nursing, Arkansas State Board of

Search for licensed Nurses. Requires subscription.

Saline County Court Records

Purchase Saline County court records. Requires subscription for unlimited access.

State Police Crash/Accident Record Search | State Police, Arkansas

Search and purchase crash report records.

Title, Registration and Lien Record Search | Information Network of Arkansas

Purchase title, registration and lien records. Requires subscription.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claim Search | Workers’ Compensation Commission, Arkansas

Search for Workers' Compensation Insurance claims. Requires subscription.

Workers’ Compensation Opinions Database Bulk Download | Workers’ Compensation Commission, Arkansas

Buy workers' compenstation bulk data. Available to subscribers only.