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Absentee Ballot Search

Search to find absentee ballots by name, voter ID or election.

Arkansas Code Search | Laws and Statutes

Search the Arkansas Code for laws and statutes.

Arkansas Legislature Bill Status | Free Service

Search the status of a legislative bill when the Arkansas Legislature is in session.

Attorney General Opinion Search

Search legal opinions of the Attorney General.

Board and Commission Appointment System

Apply to be an appointed member of an Arkansas board or commission.

Candidates’ Contributions and Expenditure Report Search

Search contribution and expenditure reports by candidate name or office.

Consumer Complaint Form

Submit a consumer complaint to the Arkansas Attorney General.

Criminal Justice Directory Search

Search law enforcement agencies, circuit and municipal courts and prosecuting attorneys.

Elected Officials Directory Search

Search elected officials from the federal, state and local levels of government in Arkansas.

Election Candidate Search

Search for candidates that have filed for the current election by name, county or party.

Election Commissioner Directory Search

Search for county election commissioners by name or county.

Election Polling Place Search

Search for election polling place by voter information or address.

Election Reporting

Search election results by contest or location. Find information on voter turnout and candidates.

Governor’s Proclamation Request Form

Request an official proclamation from the Governor's office.

Judiary Misconduct/Disability Complaint Form

File a complaint against a judge.

Legislation Tracking System | Bill Watch | Subscription | Information Network of Arkansas

Follow bill activity during legislative sessions. Requires subscription.

Public Service Commission Public Comments

Submit public comments for pending dockets.

Redistricting Forum

Message board to learn about and discuss the redistricting process in Arkansas.

Statement of Financial Interest Report Search

Search Statement of Financial Interest (SFI) reports by name, year or date range.

Voter Registration Information

Information about Voter Registration in Arkansas.