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Local Government

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Citizen Alert System | Information Network of Arkansas

Sign up to receive e-mail alerts for Morgan Nick/Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, Announcements, eNewsRoom updates, Homeland Security status changes, state government inclement weather notices, and flag position notices.

Elected Officials Directory Search | Secretary of State, Office of the

Search elected officials from the federal, state and local levels of government in Arkansas.

Garland County Circuit Court Search | Judiciary, Arkansas

Find Garland County Circuit Court cases by searching for a party name or by entering the case number.

Morgan Nick/Amber Alert Notifications | State Police, Arkansas

Register for Morgan Nick/Amber Alert E-mail notifications.

Public Service Commission Filing System | Public Service Commission, Arkansas

Used by official parties to file documents relating to a docket.

Pulaski County Registered Voter Search

Search for voting status in Pulaski County. | Emergency Management, Arkansas Department of

Informational website to help citizens be more prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Saline County Court Records

Purchase Saline County court records. Requires subscription for unlimited access.

Silver Alert Notifications | State Police, Arkansas

Register for E-mail alerts for missing seniors and/or other adults with Alzheimer's or other cognitive disorders.

State Dention Facility Escapee Alerts | Correction, Arkansas Department of

Register for E-mail or telephone notifications when an offender has escaped or been apprehended and returned to custody.