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Law and Justice Services

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Criminal Background Record Search

Search for Arkansas criminal record using name or National/FBI fingerprint record. Requires subscription.

Electronic Fingerprint Civil Harvester

Subscription service available only to approved fingerprint harvesters who transmit non-criminal justice requests for criminal history information to Arkansas State Police.

Inmate Population Data Download

Purchase the date file of inmates currently incarcerated in Arkansas prisons. Subscription required.

Legislation Tracking System | Bill Watch | Subscription | Information Network of Arkansas

Follow bill activity during legislative sessions. Requires subscription.

Online Court Filing (AOC eFiling) | Administrative Office of the Courts

This service allows you to electronically initiate a case or file to an existing case. Follow the steps provided in the link to get set-up with an account.

Saline County Court Records

Purchase Saline County court records. Requires subscription for unlimited access.

Sex Offender Registry Data Download

Purchase Sex Offender data file.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claim Search

Search for Workers' Compensation Insurance claims. Requires subscription.

Workers’ Compensation Opinions Database Bulk Download

Buy workers' compenstation bulk data. Available to subscribers only.

Workers’ Compensation Opinions Record Search

Search Workers' Compensation Opinions records. Requires subscription.