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Election Candidate Search

Search for candidates that have filed for the current election by name, county or party.

Election Commissioner Directory Search

Search for county election commissioners by name or county.

Election Polling Place Search

Search for election polling place by voter information or address.

Election Reporting

Search election results by contest or location. Find information on voter turnout and candidates.

Electrician Licensee Directory Search

Search for licensed Electrician by name, city or county.

Electronic Fingerprint Civil Harvester

Subscription service available only to approved fingerprint harvesters who transmit non-criminal justice requests for criminal history information to Arkansas State Police.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) License Verification

Verify license of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Emergency Response Volunteer Registry

Register for emergency response list to aid in disaster relief. Medical volunteers welcome.

Engineer Licensee Data Download

Purchase licensed Engineer data file. 03.05.10 - This was removed per agency request.

Eureka Springs Police Department Fine and Fee Payments

Use your credit card to pay traffic tickets, parking tickets, bonds, fingerprinting fees, reports, inpound fees in person at the police department.

Eureka Springs Trolley and Parking Fee Payments

Pay for trolley passes and parking fees with credit/debit cards at city ticket counters.

Extra Income Disclosure Report Search

Search candidate extra income disclosure reports by name, election filing year or date range.

Faulkner County Circuit Court Search

Find Faulker County Circuit Court cases by searching for a party name or by entering the case number.

Faulkner County Circuit Juvenile Court FINS Online Payments | Faulkner County

This service allows you to make credit/debit card and electronic check payments to Faulkner County Circuit Juvenile Court for Families in Need of Services (FINS). The total amount will be adjusted to allow for the electronic processing of the transaction.

Faulkner County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments

Pay Faulkner County personal property and real estate taxes.

Film Crew and Support Directory

Find crew and support services for local film, television, and digital media production.

Film Location Search

Find locations for filming by category or geography.

Find-a-lawyer Attorney Search

Search for licensed Attorney by practice area, name or city.

First Connections Early Intervention Program

Services for children birth to 3 years old with a developmental delay or diagnosed medical condition.