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Cross County Real Estate Record Search

Search Cross County real estate records.

Dallas County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments

Pay Dallas County personal property and real estate taxes.

Delinquent Parcel Negotiated Sale Lists

Lists by county of tax delinquent land that did not sell at auction and currently available for negotiated purchase.

Delinquent Parcel Petition Request

Search delinquent land parcels and request a petition form.

Delta Cultural Center Donations | Delta Cultural Center

Make a donation to help support the Delta Cultural Center.

Delta Cultural Center Web Store | Delta Cultural Center

Purchase Delta inspired items such as stationery, t-shirts, mugs, books and posters.

Dental Hygienist Licensee Search

Search for a licensed Hygienist by name or license number.

Dentist Licensee Search

Search for a licensed Dentist by name or license number.

Desha County Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes

Pay Desha County personal property and real estate taxes.

Disclosure Reports by General Assembly Members Search

Search disclosure reports by members of the General Assembly by name, year or date range.

Do Not Call Registry

Add you name and number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Dream It Do It Arkansas

Have a business idea? can help you find out what federal, state and local government documents to file, and who to contact for help.

Drew County Personal Property and Real Estate Record Search | Drew County

Search Drew County personal property and real estate records.

Driver Records/Traffic Violation Reports (TVR)

Purchase driver record and traffic violation reports (TVR). Requires subscription.

Driver’s License and Identification Cards | New 2011 Format

New Arkansas Driver's License and Identification (ID) Card formats will be issued at selected local revenue offices beginning in June, 2011. The change to the new formats will be through a controlled statewide implementation. All 134 local revenue offices will be issuing the new formats by the end of July, 2011.

Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee Payments

Pay reinstatement fees for a suspended or revoked driver license, payments can be made in full or partial payments to reinstate licenses after suspension or revocation.

Driving Records | Personal Traffic Violation Report

Purchase a personal insurance record or commerical license driving record online.

Education Assistance | Arkansas Better Chance

Services for educationally deprived children.

Elected Officials Directory Search

Search elected officials from the federal, state and local levels of government in Arkansas.