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Professional Licensing

Many occupations in Arkansas are required by law to maintain a professional license and the professional development, accreditation, testing and experience requirements specific to each license. This ensures that high professional standards are being met. Search the listings below to find available online license registration and renewal services for a wide range of professions in Arkansas.

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Little Rock Business Licenses

Purchase City of Little Rock business licenses.

Non-Traditional Teacher Licenses

Information about the Non-Traditional Licensure Program (NTLP) for potential teachers. Apply online with the Arkansas Department of Education.

Nurse Civil Penalty Fine Payments

Pay Arkansas Board of Nursing civil penalty fines.

Nurse Continuing Education Class Registration

Register for Nurse Continuing Education classes.

Nursing Home Consultant Licenses

Renew Nursing Home Consultant license.

Pharmacist Preceptor Licenses

Renew a Pharmacist Preceptor license. A "Preceptor" is a pharmacist licensed and in good standing, registered by the board to supervise the internship training of a licensed intern.

Physical Therapist Jurisprudence Exam Registration

Register and pay to take the physical therapist jurisprudence exam online. Registration valid for 30 days.

Physical Therapist Licenses

Renew physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licenses.

Physician License Verfication

Search to verify Physician has valid license to practice medicine.

Psychological Examiner Licenses

Renew Psychological Examiner's license.

Public Water Systems Permits

Renew a Public Water Systems permit via the Arkansas Department of Health's online permit renewal system.

Radiologic Technologist Licenses

Renew a Radiologic Technologist license including Radiation Therapy License, Licensed Technologist License, Nuclear Medicine License, and Limited Chest License via the Arkansas Department of Health's online permit renewal system.

Registered Dental Assistant Licenses

Renew registered dental assistant license.