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Professional Licensing

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Alcoholic Beverage Sales Permits | Finance and Administration, Arkansas Department of

Renew alcoholic beverage sales and distribution permits for liquor stores, restaurants and other retail locations.

Arkansas Teacher Licensure Accountability System (ATLAS) | Education, Arkansas Department of

Application utilized by ADE to track the mentoring process of teachers in the AR public school system.

Barber License Renewal | Barber Examiners, Arkansas State Board of

Renew Barbers, Shops, Schools and Teacher-Manager-Instructors licenses conveniently in one place.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Complaint Form

File a complaint against a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Arkansas.

Certified Public Accountant Licenses | Accountancy, Arkansas State Board of Public

Renew Certified Public Accountant licenses.

Cosmetologist Certification of Record | Health, Arkansas Department of

Certification of Record is to be used when you are transferring your Arkansas cosmetologist license to another state.

Counselor and Marriage-Family Therapist Licenses | Counseling, Arkansas Board of Examiners in

Renew Counselor or Marriage-Family Therapist license.

Food Permits | Health, Arkansas Department of

Renew permits for food establishments, Food Service (Day Care), Mobile and Seasonal Units, food processing and food storage facilities.