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Phillips County Real Estate Record Search

Search Phillips County real estate records.

Physical Therapist Jurisprudence Exam Registration

Register and pay to take the physical therapist jurisprudence exam online. Registration valid for 30 days.

Physical Therapist Licensee Data Download

Buy the licensed physical therapist, physical therapist assistants or combination list. Data includes name, address, city, state and zip code.

Physical Therapist Licensee Directory Search

Search for licensed Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapist Licenses

Renew physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licenses.

Physician License Verfication

Search to verify Physician has valid license to practice medicine.

Physician Licensee Directory Search

Find licensed physicians by name, specialty, license type, board certification and location.

Plat Survey Search

Search for plats that have been filed since 07.01.2007.

Poinsett County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments

Pay Poinsett County personal property and real estate taxes.

Poinsett County Sheriff Court and Fine Payments

Pay Poinsett County criminal fines online or in the sherrif's office.

Polk County Real Estate Record Search

Search Polk County real estate records.

Pope County Emergency Medical Service Payments

Pay Pope County fees for emergency medical services and ambulance transportation.

Pope County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments

Pay Pope County personal property and real estate taxes.

Pope County Personal Property Assessment

Assess Pope County personal property prior to paying taxes.

Prairie County Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Payments

Pay Prairie County real estate and personal property taxes online.

Probation and Parole (DCC) Payments

Pay monthly supervision, drug court and restitution fees online, mobile, phone (IVR) or kiosk. Restitution payments are only accepted for Pulaski, White, Garland and Perry counties only.

Psychological Examiner Licenses

Renew Psychological Examiner's license.

Public Service Commission Filing System

Used by official parties to file documents relating to a docket.

Public Service Commission Public Comments

Submit public comments for pending dockets.

Public Water Systems Permits

Renew a Public Water Systems permit via the Arkansas Department of Health's online permit renewal system.

Pulaski County Circuit Court Fine Payments

Criminal restitution payments for 1st and 5th Divisions and probation fees for 1st, 4th and 5th Divisions, juvenile fines, fees and restitution payments for all three juvenile courts (8th, 10th & 11th) in Pulaski County.