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Dental Hygienist Licensee Search

Search for a licensed Hygienist by name or license number.

Dentist Licensee Search

Search for a licensed Dentist by name or license number.

Desha County Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes

Pay Desha County personal property and real estate taxes.

Do Not Call Registry

Add you name and number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Drew County Personal Property and Real Estate Record Search | Drew County

Search Drew County personal property and real estate records.

Driver Records/Traffic Violation Reports (TVR)

Purchase driver record and traffic violation reports (TVR). Requires subscription.

Driver’s License and Identification Cards | New 2011 Format

New Arkansas Driver's License and Identification (ID) Card formats will be issued at selected local revenue offices beginning in June, 2011. The change to the new formats will be through a controlled statewide implementation. All 134 local revenue offices will be issuing the new formats by the end of July, 2011.

Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee Payments

Pay reinstatement fees for a suspended or revoked driver license, payments can be made in full or partial payments to reinstate licenses after suspension or revocation.

Driving Records | Personal Traffic Violation Report

Purchase a personal insurance record or commerical license driving record online.

Education Assistance | Arkansas Better Chance

Services for educationally deprived children.

Elected Officials Directory Search

Search elected officials from the federal, state and local levels of government in Arkansas.

Election Candidate Search

Search for candidates that have filed for the current election by name, county or party.

Election Commissioner Directory Search

Search for county election commissioners by name or county.

Election Polling Place Search

Search for election polling place by voter information or address.

Election Reporting

Search election results by contest or location. Find information on voter turnout and candidates.

Electrician Licensee Directory Search

Search for licensed Electrician by name, city or county.

Electronic Fingerprint Civil Harvester

Subscription service available only to approved fingerprint harvesters who transmit non-criminal justice requests for criminal history information to Arkansas State Police.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) License Verification

Verify license of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).