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Jaynn Sepich to Speak to Judiciary Committee

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The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from Jayann Sepich, founder of DNASaves, on Thursday, April 17 at 1:30 p.m. in Room B of the Multi-Agency Complex next to the state Capitol.
Sepich's daughter Katie was raped and brutally murdered in 2003 in New Mexico and her killer was caught with the use of a DNA data base. Stronger laws about collection of DNA from felony suspects would have helped authorities bring Katie's killer to justice, according Jayann and Dave Sepich, Katie's parents. They now travel the country urging lawmakers to authorize expansions of DNA data bases.
In 2009 the Arkansas legislature passed Act 974 to require the collection of a DNA sample at the time of arrest for the five offenses - capital murder, murder in the first degree, kidnapping, sexual assault in the first degree and sexual assault in the second degree.
Senator Keith Ingram, a member of the Judiciary Committee, was a representative in 2009 and a co-sponsor of Act 974, which is also known as "Judi's Law." It was named for Juli Busken of Benton, who was murdered in 1996 in Oklahoma. In her case as well, a DNA match led the police to her killer.
Here is contact information: Dave and Jayann Sepich - 575-361-1931,


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