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Senator Hutchinson's Response to Supreme Court Ruling in Health Care Reform

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June 28, 2012

Statement from Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson

I am very disappointed in the ruling issued today by the United States Supreme Court. The ruling was based on the Congress' "taxing authority," a tax which was denied by the Administration as they attempted to sell it to the American People. With this ruling, I am afraid that Congress has been granted unfettered powers to regulate the lives of the American People.

Conservatives in the Arkansas Legislature have long contended that this mandate was not a legitimate use of the Commerce Clause and we were correct. The Administration has long denied that this was a tax. However, it now appears the Administration is embracing this act as a tax.

However, unlike every other tax, this tax is not universal, based on income or activity. It is based on a few people's mere existence. This is a dangerous and unprecedented tax, that I don't think the American people will stand for.

Conservative members of the Arkansas Legislature have attempted to delay spending tax payer dollars on the implementation of the President's Affordable Healthcare Act. Based on a cursory reading of the majority opinion, it appears that there is no longer any compulsion upon the state to implement the Federal Act.

What this means is that the battle has now shifted to the States. We as conservatives, will not support spending tax payer dollars to implement this overly burdensome Act in Arkansas.

If enough states refuse to implement the exchanges, the scheme will collapse under its own weight. If Republicans take over a majority in the Arkansas Legislature, we commit that we will not subject the residents of Arkansas to this burdensome Act.


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