The State Board of Election Commissioners develops rules to assure even and consistent application of voter registration laws and fair and orderly election procedures.  Click on the links below to view information about the board’s rules.

 Notice of Rulemaking

Summaries and Proposed Rules


**“On October 15, 2014, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Act 595 of 2013 (the Voter ID Act) to be unconstitutional.  Procedures for processing voters will revert back to the same procedures used prior to January 1, 2014.  Most notably, these changes require all poll workers to ask voters to provide identification.  However, unless otherwise noted on the poll book, voters are not required to provide identification in order to vote a regular ballot.  The Rules for Voter Identification and the Rules for Poll Watchers, Vote Challenges, and Provisional Voting have not yet been revised or repealed to reflect the court's decision, rendering certain portions of these current rules unenforceable."   Commissione Page


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