About Us

The State Board of Election Commissioners consists of a seven member staff serving a seven member board comprised of the Secretary of State as Chairperson, two members appointed by the Governor, and one member each appointed by the chair of the state Democratic party, the chair of the state Republican party, the President Pro Tempore of the Arkansas Senate, and the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The mission of the Board is to improve the orderly conduct of elections in the State by promoting fair and orderly election procedures through education, assistance, and monitoring. The Board develops resources to educate and assist candidates and county election administrators, develops specialized training programs, conducts and coordinates statewide training of county election commissioners and election officials, monitors compliance by local election authorities with federal and state election laws, investigates complaints of alleged election misconduct and election law violations, and distributes funds to the counties for state-supported political party primary elections, nonpartisan judicial general elections, special primary elections, and statewide special elections.


Board Member Designation

Secretary of State Mark Martin Secretary of State Mark Martin
SBEC Chairman
Commissioner Rhonda Cole Commissioner Rhonda Cole
Clark County Clerk - Governor's Designee
Commissioner C.S. Walker Commissioner C.S. Walker
Grant County Election Commissioner - Governor's Designee
Commissioner James Harmon Smith, III Commissioner James Harmon Smith, III
Democratic Party Designee
Commissioner Stuart “Stu” Soffer Commissioner Stuart “Stu” Soffer
Republican Party Designee
Commissioner Charles Roberts Commissioner Charles Roberts
Senate President Pro Tempore Designee
Commissioner Chad Pekron Commissioner Chad Pekron
Speaker of the House Designee

Staff Member Information

Justin Clay, Director
(501) 682-1834
Gaye Swaim, Deputy Director
(501) 682-4578
Tim Humphries, Legal Counsel
(501) 682-1447
Jon Davidson, Educational Services Manager
(501) 682-1856
Tena Arnold, Election Coordinator
(501) 682-1783
Bernetta Levy, Election Coordinator
(501) 683-3494