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Criminal Background Check

Arkansas businesses can hire employees quickly and safely, thanks to the online criminal background check system. With over 1 million background checks processed, this system integrates information from the FBI, ACIC and the Arkansas State Police.

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W-2 Filing

Reporting an employee’s annual wages and taxes withheld is required by law. Arkansas law requires employers that file 250 or more W-2s to file electronically.

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Commercial Driver Drug & Alcohol Screening

All employers of Arkansas commercial drivers are required to search the Arkansas Commercial Driver Alcohol and Drug Testing Database prior to hiring a commercial driver. Arkansas employers and Medical Review Officers authorized in the state of Arkansas are responsible for reporting positive drug and/or alcohol test results. As an employer make better hiring decisions and feel confident that you are putting safe drivers in vehicles and on the highways.

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Child Support Portal

Child Support Enforcement depends on employers as partners in the collection of court-ordered child support. As an employer, you play a crucial role in this process. Manage income withholding, make payments, verify employment, maintain employee information, and maintain your company information.

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