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409 Plant Board Quarterly Meeting

Details 1. Opening Comments and Introductions. Mr. Russell Bragg, representing the Arkansas Feed Manufacturer’s Association and Mr. Terry Fuller, representing the Arkansas Seed Growers Association have been re-appointed to the Arkansas State Plant Board, to serve another 2-year term. 2. Minutes. Minutes of the December 12, 2016 quarterly Board meeting are ready for approval. 3. Examination Results. The Pest Control examinations given December 13, 2016, January 9 and February 13, 2017 area ready for the Board’s consideration. 4. Standing Committee Reports. Standing Committees may have information or recommendations for the Board’s consideration. Pesticide Committee met December 21, 2016 Pesticide Committee met January 20, 2017 Seed Committee met January 19, 2017 Bureau of Standards Committee met February 22, 2017 Boll Weevil Committee met February 22, 2017 Pesticide Committee met March 21, 2017 5. Expense Reimbursement. Authorize expense reimbursement for each board member for performing official board duties. 6. Other Business. 7. Date for the next Quarterly Board Meeting. Set date for the next quarterly Board meeting in June 2017.
Agency Plant Board, Arkansas State
Date 03/28/2017
Start Time 1:30 PM
Contact Name Terry Walker
Contact Phone number 501-225-1598
Contact Email
Address #1 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock AR 72205
Location Board Room