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Stay connected with Arkansas state and local government with Arkansas Gov2Go.

  • Find information quickly using text messaging from the convenience of your phone.
  • Setup reminders for important dates, such as renewal dates for your vehicle tags, driver's or other professional licenses.
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Gov2Go brings the convenience of to your phone using text messages and email.

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To access Gov2Go on your phone, enter your mobile number and Gov2Go will send you a welcome message. You can also download Gov2Go's contact card to your phone.
Ask any question
Gov2Go is connected to's library of services, agency and personnel directory and the state's GIS mapping services. Here are some examples of questions you can ask Gov2Go over text message.
  • "Who are my legislators?"
  • "Mike Beebe"
  • "Department of health"
  • "child support"
  • "When is the next state holiday?"
  • "Where do I go to vote?"
  • "What school district am I in?"
  • "remind me when my property taxes are due"
  • "remind me when my driver's license is about to expire"
  • "When can I renew my pharmacist license?"
  • "send me amber alerts"
  • "send me silver alerts"
  • "help"
  • "forget" - Restarts the conversation.