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Arkansas Statutes
Subchapter 3 Embalmers and Funeral Directors Law - Licensing
17- 29- 303 Embalmers, Funeral Directors - Examination - Certificates
(a) Within a reasonable time and in a place reasonably accessible to the applicant, after completion and filing of an application with the board, the board shall subject each applicant to a written and oral examination as to his competency to act as an embalmer or funeral director, or both.
(b) If on examination the board finds that the applicant possesses a knowledge of the science of embalming, sanitation, and disinfection,or funeral directing, or both, and meets the qualifications prescribed herein, the board shall issue the applicant a certificate authorizing him to practice the science of embalming or to engage in the business of funeral directing, or both. The board shall then register the applicant as a duly certified embalmer or funeral director, or both.
(c) The certificate shall be signed by the president and secretary of the board and shall have the official seal affixed.
(d) Every license holder shall maintain his license in a convenient place in his office or place of business.
17- 29- 304 Funeral Establishment - Requirements
(a) No person shall conduct, maintain, manage, or operate a funeral establishment unless a license for each establishment has been issued by the board and is displayed in the funeral establishment.
(b) No license shall be issued to operate a full service funeral establishment by the board unless the establishment has employed a full-time person licensed as a funeral director. If the establishment is a part of a multiunit enterprise within this state, only one (1) establishment within the multiunit enterprise must have a full-time person licensed as funeral director, provided the full-time licensed person is reasonably accessible to the branch establishment.
(c) Application for the funeral establishment licenses shall be made on forms furnished by the board, on or before January 1 of each year, and accompanied by the specified fee.
(d) All embalming therein shall be performed by or under the direct supervision of an Arkansas licensed embalmer.
(e) An establishment in which embalming is conducted shall have a preparation room with a sanitary floor, walls, and ceiling, adequate sanitary drainage and disposal facilities, including running water, and exhaust fans. Such establishment shall comply with the regulations of the Department of Health and OSHA for the prevention of the spread of contagious, infectious, or communicable diseases.
(f) Each funeral establishment using an available embalmer shall file with the board a notarized statement signed by the embalmer, stating that his services are available to the establishment at all times, and within a reasonable time after death occurs, not to exceed six (6) hours.
(g) A funeral establishment shall contain a casket selection room with a reasonable number of caskets therein. The reasonable number shall be determined by the board. However, if an establishment is a part of a multiunit enterprise, only one (1) establishment in the enterprise need have a selection room if it is within a reasonable distance of other establishments within the multiunit enterprise.
(h) Mobile homes or mobile units are prohibited for use as a funeral establishment or branch thereof. No mobile home or mobile units shall be used for the performance of any function or service of a funeral establishment except in case of emergency as prescribed by the board. Mobile homes, modular units, manufactured homes, and similar mobile units may be granted a replacement license on a case by case basis.

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