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Arkansas Statutes
Subchapter 2 Embalmers and Funeral Directors Law - State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
17- 29- 207 Rules and Regulations
(a) The Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors is empowered to promulgate appropriate rules and regulations for the transaction of its business and for the betterment and promotion of the standards of service and practice to be followed in the practice of embalming and funeral directing in the State of Arkansas as it may deem expedient and consistent with the laws of this state and for the public good.
(b) The board is expressly authorized and empowered to promulgate rules and regulations reasonably necessary to reflect any changes in the law as adopted by the United States Congress or any appropriate agency of the Government of the United States as it affects funeral establishments, funeral directors, or embalmers and for the purpose of keeping this law consistent with, and compatible to, the laws of the United States.
(c) The board is authorized and empowered to determine the qualifications necessary to practice the science of embalming or the business of funeral directing, or both, and shall adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations in connection with the care and disposition of dead human bodies in this state. The board shall enforce compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations by those engaged in the science of embalming and business of funeral directing in this state and may transact any other business necessary for carrying out the provisions of this subchapter and subchapter 3 of this chapter.
(d) (1) The board may promulgate reasonable regulations for the licensing of crematoriums.
(2) Beginning January 1, 1990, no crematorium may be operated in this state unless licensed by the board, and no person shall be cremated in this state except at a licensed crematorium.
(A) Five (5) members of the board shall be embalmers and or funeral directors licensed under subchapter 3 of this chapter who shall have had at least five (5) consecutive years of active experience as embalmers or funeral directors in Arkansas immediately preceding appointment. The Governor shall appoint members to the board from three (3) nominees submitted by the licensed embalmers and funeral directors. In the event no nominations are submitted to the Governor by July 1 of any year in which an appointment is to be made, the Governor may make the appointment, provided that the appointee meets the other requirements for board membership;
(B) Violations of this subsection are Class A misdemeanors.
(e) (1) In the interest of public health and to ensure the safe, secure, and timely transportation of dead human bodies in and through Arkansas, the board is authorized to license, inspect, and promulgate reasonable regulations for any person, partnership, corporation, association, society, or other legal entity engaged in the business of transporting dead human bodies over the public streets and highways of this state.
(2) Violations of regulations promulgated under this subsection are Class A misdemeanors.
17- 29- 208 Fees
The board shall establish and collect reasonable fees.
17- 29- 209 Continuing Education
(a) The board may develop and establish by regulation a program for continuing education and its requirements for all funeral directors and embalmers licensed under subchapter 3 of this chapter.
(b) The board shall have the authority to excuse licensees, as a group or as individuals, from a continuing education program, in the event any unusual circumstances, emergency, or hardship prevents participation in the program.
17- 29- 210 Legal Counsel
(a) The board, when it shall deem necessary, shall be represented by the Attorney General.
(b) It may also employ special counsel when necessary, whose services shall be paid for from funds of the board. Special counsel shall be retained only with the prior approval of the Attorney General.

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