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Rule IV Funeral Establishments (continued)
(a) A license for the operation of a Mortuary Service Firm, Funeral Establishment Type B, shall be issued by the Board if the Board finds:
(1) That the firm is under the general management and supervision of a duly Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.
(a.) The name of the general manager of the Mortuary Service Firm shall be reported annually to the Board on forms provided by the Board.
(b.) Should the general manager of the Mortuary Service Firm leave the employment of the firm during the year, for any reason, the Mortuary Service Firm shall notify the Board of his/her leaving within ten (10) working days and of his/her replacement within thirty (30) days.
(2) That all embalming performed in the Mortuary Service Firm's establishment is performed by or under the direct supervision of a duly Licensed Embalmer.
(3) That any place in a Mortuary Service Firm where embalming is performed contains a preparation room with a sanitary floor, walls, and ceiling, and adequate sanitary drainage and all disposal facilities including running water and complies with the sanitary standards prescribed by the Department of Health for the prevention of the spread of contagious, infectious or communicable diseases.
(4) When a Mortuary Service Firm is sold or changes ownership, the license then in effect shall be honored, for the new owner, until that license has expired. At that time, a new license shall be issued in the name of the new firm if said firm complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
(b) The Board shall grant or deny each application for a Mortuary Service Firm under the provisions of this section after it is filed. No applicant may operate a Mortuary Service Firm until notification by the Secretary of the Board that a license has been or will be issued.
(c) Mortuary Service Firm licenses shall be issued under this section upon application and after examination of the firm and its establishment to be licensed. The application fee shall be fifty ($50.00) dollars.
(1) Renewal of all Mortuary Service Firm licenses must be made on or before January 31st of each year and must be accompanied by the Annual Renewal Fee of one hundred fifty ($150.00) dollars.
(2) Licenses not renewed by January 31st of any year shall be considered delinquent and may be grounds for disciplinary action by the Board.
(d) Each Mortuary Service Firm using an available Embalmer must file with the Board a statement signed by the Embalmer, notarized, stating that his/her services are available to said firm at all times within a reasonable time after death occurs, not to exceed six (6) hours.
(e) Mobile homes or mobile units are prohibited for use as a Mortuary Service Firm's Establishment or branch thereof. No mobile home or mobile unit shall be used in the performance of any function or service of a Mortuary Service Firm, except in the case of an emergency as prescribed by the Board.
(f) The Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer who manages and supervises the Mortuary Service Firm, may hire such employees as may be needed to assist the Funeral Director/Embalmer in providing the services of the Business of Funeral Directing/Embalming. License invalidation procedures may be brought against a Licensed Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer and/or a licensed Mortuary Service firm because of the acts of their agents or employees which violate Chapter 29 of the Arkansas Code, or the Rules and Regulations of this Board.
(g) A Mortuary Service Firm is prohibited from providing funeral services and/or funeral merchandise other than providing shelter, care, custody, and preparation of the human dead or any type of services including direct disposition or the practice of preparing of the human dead by embalming or other methods except at the request of and as the agent of a Licensed Funeral Establishment or its representative.
(h) A Funeral Establishment Type B - Mortuary Service Firm - shall not be required to have a selection room or display any caskets.

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