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Notice to Licensees renewing for 2017


You will note that the 2017 renewal forms look different. Each form is personalized and has licensees contact information, as well as the Continuing Education that was taken and reported to us by the CE provider. If there are errors/changes in the information, please correct.
The forms will list hours that were reported prior to the printing date of this form, approximately October 24, 2016. If you have taken hours that are not listed on your form or you need to report hours, please send a copy of the certificate of completion. REMEMBER, you must report 6 hours of CE in order to renew your license; you can carry over 3 hours.


If you were licensed this year, you are exempt. If you are inactive (not working), you are exempt. If you are 65 years of age, and have had a license for 20 consecutive years, you are exempt. BEING EXEMPT FROM CE DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM PAYING FOR YOUR LICENSES. If you have a LIFETIME license, you are exempt. If you live out of state and do not practice in the State of Arkansas, you are exempt. Indicate what exemption you are claiming by writing on the renewal form.


If you are seriously ill or disabled, the Board must be notified and provided with proper documentation from your personal physician. This documentation must be returned with your renewal. The Board will review such exemption requests on a case by case/year by year basis.

If you are practicing Funeral Directing and or Embalming at all, you may not claim this exemption.

All License Renewals, Personal, Establishment, Transport And Crematory Must Be In Office By December 31, 2016. Licenses Received After The 31st Are Delinquent. Licensees Are Prohibited From Working and Establishments Are Prohibited From Operating. Licensees Found In Violation Will Be Sanctioned.

The Funeral Director Who Manages The Establishment Must Send In His/Her Renewal Form With The Establishment Renewal Form. The Arkansas Department Of Health Will Be Notified Of Delinquent Establishments; They Will Not Accept Death Certificates Until Licenses Are Current. Establishments Found In Violation Will Be Sanctioned.

Managers ONLY need to submit the Manager Change/Acceptance Form if they are replacing the current listed manager.

In order to renew your license(s) the form must be completed and correct fees must be included. Delinquent fees will be assessed if forms are not in the Board office by December 31, 2016. Delinquent fees are $50.00 dollars per quarter/per license. If your renewal is incomplete in any way it

Also please be aware that you will need to learn your Board ID# you can continue to use your current Funeral Director and/or Embalmer number, but the Board ID will need to be learned to renew online by next year. It also is what the CE Providers are going to be required to obtain from you when you attend any continuing education. The number is how we will identify you in the system.

If you have any questions, comments, problems, call 501-682-0574 or email

Downloadable Forms

The following forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view and save the forms on your computer, click the PDF button. If you need the FREE Reader program, click HERE to download Acrobat Reader.

Embalmers & Funeral Directors Forms

New License Forms

Application for Funeral Establishment License PDF
Crematory License PDF
Application for Crematory Permit PDF
Transport License PDF

License Renewal Forms

Embalmers & Funeral Directors License Renewal PDF
Crematory License Renewal PDF
Funeral Establishment License Renewal PDF
Transport License Renewal PDF
Manager Change Acceptance Form PDF

Apprenticeship Information

The following information must be enclosed with apprenticeship applications to be processed:
A check or money order for $50.00
A recent photograph
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
Completed Statement of Apprenticeship that has been notarized
Completed application that has been notarized
If any item is omitted, your application will be delayed. Please call the Board at 501-682-0574 or 501-682-0570 or e-mail with any questions.
Complaint Procedures
Complaints must be typed, signed and notarized.
Give the full name and address of the licensee and/or establishment (respondents) your complaint is against.
Be sure to include a number where you (Complainant) can be reached.
State facts clearly. If there are any documents that are pertinent to the complaint, copies should be included.
Individuals wishing to attest to or verify your complaint may submit an affidavit. The affidavit must be typed, signed and notarized.
After the complaint is received in the Board office, it is sent by certified letter to the respondent. The respondent has 15 days from the date of receipt to respond to the Board. Failure to respond to the complaint in the allotted 15 days is a violation.

At the next scheduled Board meeting, following the receipt of the Answer, the Complaint and Answer are reviewed by the Board and the Boards Counsel for a determination as to evidence of violations. If it is determined there is sufficient evidence of violations, a Hearing date is set. The Complainant and the Respondent are notified and are expected to be present. If the Board determines that there are no violations the Complaint is dismissed and both Complainant and Respondent are notified.


Complaint Form


Embalmers & Funeral Directors General Forms

Apprentice Instructions PDF
Application for Student Embalmer Form PDF
Application for Student Funeral Director Form PDF
Out of State Licensure Application PDF
Statement of Apprenticeship PDF
Ownership Change Form PDF
Final Disposition Rights Form PDF
Cremation Final Disposition Rights Form PDF
Manager Change Acceptance Form PDF
Embalmer Case Report PDF
Funeral Director Case Report PDF
Embalmer Acceptance Form PDF
Inspection Request Form PDF
Re-Inspection Form PDF
Notification of Ownership Change (Current Owner) PDF

Approval for Accreditation 

Request for Approval of Accreditation for 
Continuing Education



Burial Board Forms

Purpose of the Semi-Annual Report PDF
Read Me First PDF
Read Me Next PDF
December Semi-Annual Report Checklist PDF
December SAR Mailer Info PDF
SAR Instructions PDF
Defining Benefits Sheets PDF
Semi Annual Report Old Business December Excel File PDF
Semi Annual Report New Business December Excel File PDF
Member Certification December PDF
Benefits Rendered Excel File PDF
Benefits Paid Excel File PDF
Benefits Owing Excel File PDF
Returned Premiums Excel File PDF
Benefits Charged Off Excel File PDF
Instructions for 443 Reserves PDF
443 Reserves Worksheet PDF
June 2016 Semi-Annual Comp. Report PDF
December 2015 Semi-Annual Comp. Report PDF
June 2015 Semi-Annual Comp. Report PDF
December 2014 Semi-Annual Comp. Report PDF
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