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Career Readiness Certification

Arkansas Career Readiness Certificates Awarded to Date: 62,195
Bronze: 10,881     Silver: 36,701     Gold: 14,504     Platinum: 109
Percentage for Each Certificate Level:
Bronze: 18%         Silver: 59%         Gold: 23%        Platinum: < 1%

What is an Arkansas Career Readiness Certification?

An Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate is a portable credential based upon the WorkKeys® assessments that demonstrates to employers that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills required for 21st century jobs.
Getting a CRC will allow an individual to show prospective employers that he or she possesses the basic skills they are looking for.

Even if a job seeker has a high school diploma, GED or post-secondary degree, the Arkansas CRC further verifies that he can handle tasks such as reading instructions and directions, working with figures, and finding information - tasks common in today's workplace.

CRC Video Page

The CRC Video page page contains videos of promoting the value of the Career Readiness Certificate program and signing the first Gold, Silver and Bronze Arkansas CRCs issued.

CRC Radio Spots

The CRC Radio Spots page contains both the audio recording and transcript of the employer and job seeker Ads for the Arkansas CRC program that ran on local radio stations.

General Information about the Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate Program

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Job Seeker Brochure

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Employer's Guide Brochure

Adobe Acrobat PDF Arkansas Work Ready Benefits

Adobe Acrobat PDF Frequently Asked Questions

Employers using CRC as part of the Hiring Process:

NOTICE - JOB SEEKERS: if you would like more information about the employers who are using the CRC as part of their pre-employment process and are listed on the CRC website, please contact your nearest Workforce Center. A list of the Workforce Centers is also listed on this CRC website.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Arkansas CRC Employer List

Adobe Acrobat PDF National CRC Employer List

Approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) High Schools

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC High Schools List

Locations to Take the Career Ready 101 Instruction
(The first step to earning an Arkansas CRC)

Adobe Acrobat PDF Workforce Centers and DWS Offices

Arkansas CRC Listings: Career Ready 101, WorkKeys, and Regional Teams

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Career Ready 101 Administrators - College / Adult Education

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Career Ready 101 Administrators - DWS Offices

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC WorkKeys Assessment Site Map

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC WorkKeys Administrators

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC WorkKeys Assessment Sites

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Regional Team Members

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Regional Team Map

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC Holders by County - Top 10 Listing

Adobe Acrobat PDF CRC WorkKeys Proctors

Career Readiness Certification Slideshow

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