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Job Hunting


Getting Started -

What sort of work are you looking for?
Identify jobs which are related to the work you do.

Check with the local employment office and find out about
labor market information for the occupations you are interested in.

Make sure you look at:

* The Job Outlook
* The Growth or Decline of the Occupation
* Salary History and Future Projections
* The Number of Jobs Available and/or in Demand for the Occupation

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Before you pound the pavement!!!

Identify all the skills you possess.
- What have you done? Write it down.

Consider all of the following:
- Past job descriptions
- Education background and courses taken
- Volunteer work experience
- Personal characteristics

After you identify your skills, you must be able to tell an employer what they are.
- Sound interested and enthusiastic
- Look directly at people when you talk to them (Don't Stare!)
- Smile
- Be positive and self-assured
- Keep your head up; don't slouch or droop

Have a resume prepared that tells the employer all about you and your experience.
See Resume Infomation

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Organization is the Key to Hunting for a Job

Designate a Work Space - from here you'll contact employers, mail out resumes and research jobs.

Recognizing the Job Market -
Newspaper Ads - Check your local newspaper listings or want ads.
Computer Job Banks - Take advantage of the many on-line job banks.
Career Publications - Look through magazines that are geared toward the occupation that interests you.
Employment Security Department Local Offices - Check with your local office for job vacancies listed by area employers.
Look for in-store signs of job openings - Some businesses advertise their job openings within their business before they advertise their job vacancies elsewhere.

Don't let opportunities pass you by! Be aware of every opportunity!

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Help With Your Search

Ultimate success is up to you, but help is available.

Your Local Employment Offices can provide you with information on the following:
- access to a job network
- resume creation help
- educational assistance
- walk-in self helpcenters
- information on various employers
- free government services
- workshops that may be available in your area
- referrals

Getting out and meeting people are the keys to a successful job hunt.

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