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What is Driver Watch?
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Q: What is Driver Watch?
A: Using the convenience of the Internet, Driver Watch is a new tool to monitor the validity of any commercial driver's license issued in Arkansas. Through scheduled driver status checks of Arkansas driving records — bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually — Driver Watch keeps an eye on the drivers that you have listed in your Driver Watch List and makes the results available online when you need it, anytime of the day or night.

For an additional fee, Driver Watch will perform driver status checks every other Monday and notify you via e-mail of any changes to the status of the license.  If the status has changed, a full driving record will be pulled and made available online immediately.

Q: How much does Driver Watch cost?
A: The base fee for Driver Watch is the driving record request fee of $13.00.  This is charged whenever a full driver record is pulled for you.  For example, if you have 10 drivers and are checking full records every other month, you will be charged $130.00 every other month.  If you choose to have the driver status checked every other week, an additional $1.00 per driver will be added.  In the previous example, this would add $10.00 each month.  Your total bill would alternate between $140.00 and $10.00 each month.

To use this service, an INA subscription is required to cover administration of your account.  This has a $95.00 annual fee and also provides access to single driver record searches.  Click here for more information.

Payment options available are VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, Electronic Check (direct deductions from a bank account), or a monthly statement sent by mail.  If a subscriber chooses the monthly statement option and no activity has been recorded for the month, no statement will be generated and nothing will be owed.  Otherwise, a minimum of $15.00 will billed regardless of the transaction amount.

Q: Who may access driver records?
In accordance with Arkansas Code § 27-50-906, the Office of Driver Services may furnish an abstract of any driver record to:
bullet The driver on whom the record has been compiled.
bullet Any person who has been authorized in writing by the driver to obtain the driver’s record.
bullet Any court having jurisdiction over traffic offenses.
bullet Any law enforcement officer, who shall use the report only in the line of duty in enforcing the traffic laws of the state.
bullet Employers of drivers, provided that the driver has given his written consent for the employer to obtain the driver record.
bullet Any insurer licensed to do business in Arkansas, or its agents, employees, or contractors, in connection with the driving record of an insured or applicant.
bullet Any governmental department or agency upon a showing of reasonable cause as to why the driver record should be issued to such governmental department or agency in order for the governmental department or agency to effectively carry out its statutory duties.
bullet A driver license status report shall be available to rental car companies who otherwise meet the requirements of this section for receiving an abstract of a driver’s record upon the payment of one dollar ($1.00) for each license number checked. This fee shall be deposited to the State Treasury into the State Central Services Fund as a direct revenue to be used by the Department of Finance and Administration, Revenue Division. The Information Network of Arkansas may charge an additional fee for the service oftransmitting this information electronically.
Q: Can anyone with Internet access get driver records?
A: No. INA follows the same guidelines and statutory restrictions now used by the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Driver Services for all TVR/TRL (driver record) requests. In order to access Arkansas TVR/TRL information, a person must first be a INA subscriber.  New subscribers wishing to access TVR/TRL information must sign and return a statement of intent and completed subscription form before they are allowed to request a TVR/TRL.

INA keeps all subscriptions and statements of intent for every TVR/TRL subscriber.  All TVR/TRL requests are logged by our server and written to an immutable storage device. After each request, the Office of Driver Services sends out a letter to the person whose information was requested informing them that their TVR/TRL record has been requested.

If you have additional questions about the availability of driver records, please contact INA via email at