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RSS Feed Information

RSS is a protocol of XML. XML is a data formatting language used in website development. RSS provides an easy method of syndicating (sending out) and aggregating (sorting) Web content and news.

Using RSS files, a data feed is created that supplies headlines, links, and release summaries from this Newsroom. Citizens can have constantly updated content from this site delivered to them via a news aggregator or viewer, a piece of software specifically tailored to receive these types of feeds.

Once a news aggregator has been installed on your computer, you simply drag the orange XML button or copy the RSS news feed URL (web address) to the aggregator. Much of the new aggregator software is free and links to additional RSS resources are below.

Note: Google's Chrome web browser does not support RSS feeds by default. When you click an RSS feed in Chrome, it will give you a page full of XML coding and it will say "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it." To fix this, Google has built an extension to enable RSS feeds in Chrome. You can find and download it here.

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