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DIS Establishes Timeframe for State Video Network Upgrade

Preparations are underway for the upcoming state video network upgrade and DIS teams are executing efforts to provide customers with the smoothest network cutover possible. The core video network equipment is installed, technicians are conducting tests and making adjustments to the equipment as needed, and network vendors are adding circuits and virtual circuits for the cutover. The state is converting H.320 sites to H.323 sites for the new network.

The target dates for the cutover to the newly upgraded video network are set for March 17 - 25, which is the week of spring break for most customers. The entire network must be cutover at once instead of separate sites being upgraded individually, and DIS network team members will coordinate important information with customers prior to the cutover.

The new state video network will retain current features and offer customers many enhancements. The new network will initially offer enhanced scheduling, improved security and off-net call connectivity with limited digital conference recording capabilities. In the very near future desktop video conferencing support and mobile video conferencing will be added. There are approximately 550 sites currently on the state video network, and more than 30,000 conference hours are scheduled monthly during the school year. If you have any questions regarding the state video network upgrade project, please contact Max Kolstad at max.kolstad@arkansas.gov or 501.537.9111.