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DIS 2010 Annual Report

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DIS is pleased to present the 2010 Annual Report. The more than 250 IT professionals at the Department of Information Systems worked diligently throughout 2010 to help fulfill the agency’s vision of customer satisfaction every time. Teamwork across Arkansas’ Technology Leaders is a key ingredient set forth in our values because teamwork involves a sense of unity toward achieving a common goal. We fully appreciate all our customers and know that it is our customers that drive innovation at DIS and throughout the state.

Our agency engaged in nearly 40 operational initiatives all designed to provide technology leadership and advancement to our ever growing list of customers with the addition of Arkansas county governments and K-12 public schools. Among the initiatives were the creation of a new customer portal, the conversion of public school system software, the deployment of satellite phones for emergency operations, and the
development and implementation of a new disaster recovery and continuity planning system for the Arkansas Continuity of Operations Program (ACOOP).

The 2010 Annual Report will highlight our five strategic goals we refer to as the “Five E’s,” including Workforce Excellence, Customer Service Excellence, E-Leadership, Financial Excellence, and Operational Excellence. We are pleased to provide a brief snapshot of our achievements toward these goals, as well as a glimpse into the future at some of the projects on which we have set our sights for 2011.