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Migration to New Email Filtering Solution Scheduled for June 18

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Defending state data assets and confidential communications from cyber-attacks, intrusions and virus infections is a top priority for the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS). To maximize advanced threat protection and spam blocking, email filtering will be migrated to a new primary solution, IronPort, next Wednesday, June 18, at 6 p.m.

On Thursday, June 19, users may receive quarantine reports from both IronPort (new solution) and IronMail (current solution) after which quarantine reports from IronMail will discontinue. Quarantined messages in IronMail will expire seven days after the last notice.

It is recommended for users to bookmark the new quarantine link in Internet favorites so it can be accessed at any time. This link will be included in the first quarantine report received by email and will be a permanent link. Added benefits of the IronPort solution include:

  • Ability to add senders to a whitelist by either domain or email address. The whitelist feature in IronPort is called “safelists”

  • Ability to add senders to a “blocklist”

  • Ability to perform the above two actions without a message being quarantined. The user manages his own safelists and blocklists through the quarantine link listed in the email quarantine report

  • Quarantine reports will be emailed twice daily at 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., but will only be received if there are new messages since the previous report.

DIS requests for this information to be distributed to all agency/organizational personnel. Further information and instructions about the IronPort solution can be found in the attachment to this notice. For additional questions about IronPort or the attached information, please contact the DIS Call Center at 501.682.4357 or your DIS customer account representative.