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#1 Center Circle
Warren, AR 71671

The Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center (SEAHDC) in Bradley County is the smallest of the six residential human development centers in the state. This nationally accredited center has been open since 1978 and sits on approximately 179 acres of land donated by the citizens of Bradley County. Our mission is:

"To provide the best training, treatment, opportunity and care to the persons we serve".

SEAHDC has the residential capacity to serve 72 persons. Even though all persons receiving services at SEAHDC have a primary diagnosis of mental retardation, they vary in their level of physical condition, disability, functioning and age.

SEAHDC offers a full spectrum of services to its residents, either directly or indirectly. These services are intended to help them become as independent as possible, thus enhancing their quality of life. Services include habilitation/rehabilitation, daily living skills training, social skills training for adult dually-diagnosed persons, 24 hour nursing services, psychological services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and dental services.

SEAHDC has an active Supported Employment program that provides employment to approximately 25 percent of SEAHDC residents. Pinewood Village Recycling is one of the only programs in Southeast Arkansas that provides pick-up service for individuals or businesses with large amounts of paper that need to be recycled. SEAHDC is also a joint recycling partner with the city of Warren. The program was one of seven state recycling programs featured at the first annual "Can-Do" recycling conference sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, the Arkansas Recycling Coalition, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Center has an active Volunteer Services program. This program provides work experience to individuals who may be interested in becoming employees, foster Grandparents, or advocates. Volunteer Services also works with the Volunteer Council which is a nonprofit organization that provides financial and educational support to the staff and residents of SEAHDC.

SEAHDC has an active outreach program through Community and Staff Development Services (CSDS). CSDS is an expansion of SEAHDC's continuing goal to be a vital part of the community rather than apart from the community. This program allows SEAHDC to serve as a resource for Division of Developmental and Disabilities Services (DDS) Community Programs as well as other community organizations. We offer outreach training through staff development along with dental, psychological and medical services through our Medical Department. We have a special treatment unit for adults dually diagnosed with severe behavior problems.

Educational opportunities are provided annually through the Open Horizons conference. Open Horizons is an annual event that provides an atmosphere where persons who are involved or interested in the field of developmental disabilities can receive information on a variety of relevant and timely subjects presented by speakers who are experts in their fields, be motivated, and have an opportunity to network with others who are doing similar jobs. The conference takes place annually in May.

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