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4701 Colony Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72404

The Jonesboro Human Development Center (JHDC) in Northeast Arkansas opened in 1974 with the mission of providing 24-hour residential services to individuals with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation. Residents at the Jonesboro Human Development Center range in age from 18 to 61 with a large portion of its clientele having severe or profound developmental challenges.

The JHDC emphasizes individualized services focusing on dignity, respect, training, and support for residents. Its residential services received a three-year accreditation in 2004 from the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF). CARF is a private national accreditation body which
sets quality standards for programs serving persons with developmental challenges. A three-year accreditation is awarded to programs providing the highest quality of services under the CARF standards.

For people receiving services from the JHDC, training is provided in the areas of daily living and vocational and recreational skills. It provides medical care, psychological counseling, physical and occupational and speech therapies, and personal skills training as needed by those living at the facility. One center focus is on helping people develop vocational and leisure skills in a manner to help them live more fulfilled and meaningful lives. This has included assisting campus, to give people who live at the center an opportunity to acquire needed work habits and skills. At present, more than 50 percent of those served by the JHDC currently participate in paid employment.

The JHDC is supported, in part, through fundraising efforts by the Jonesboro Human Development Center Volunteer Council, a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization. As a supporting foundation, the Volunteer Council opens opportunities for people wishing to make donations to the facility. A new medical complex, walking track, and training building have been obtained through the efforts of the Volunteer Council.


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