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AASIS Training - General Information

The AASIS Support Center (ASC) offers you a range of instructional resources including online courseware, “hands-on” training classes, and extensive online resources designed to support independent study. Now that many staff members have four years of AASIS experience, we are collectively working to bring that enhanced expertise to our training program. We are excited about these improvements and want you to know what you can look forward to seeing in the next year.

  • New and improved FI courses. Through an ongoing effort by the ASC Financial Section, we are redesigning our curriculum into basic, intermediate, and advanced level courseware. Our goal is to customize these courses for the specific business needs of our diverse user audience.
  • Improved HR reporting classes. We all know there is a lot to learn about AASIS, so choosing between reporting courses and core business courses gives you more flexibility in addressing your learning needs.
  • Interactive online tutorials. Do you need a refresher but can’t find time to attend a class? We have new tools to create online courseware for simulated, hands-on instruction, so you can expect more interactive tutorials.
Class registration and attendance are subject to prior supervisory approval. You may register for a wide variety of classroom-based courses listed on the AASIS Training Calendar. Currently scheduled classes are listed by Course Name and Event Number on the Training Calendar. After reviewing the list of scheduled classes, register by clicking the Register button. Once you have completed the Course Registration form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, and you are finished. ASC will contact you to confirm your registration.

Alternatively, you may join a waiting list for future course offerings. On the AASIS Course Modules and Courseware page, select the courses of interest and click the Continue button at the bottom of the page. After completing all fields on the Course Registration/Cancellation Form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. When each selected course becomes available, ASC will notify you that registration is open.
You may download all AASIS courseware on the AASIS Course Modules and Courseware page. Simply click on the courseware link for the course of interest and the download begins. Frequent updates to courseware accommodate changes in procedures or enhancements to AASIS functionality.

When courseware revisions are made, the version management statement near the beginning of each courseware document is updated to describe the nature and location of all revisions. The information helps you identify for printing only those pages which have been updated, rather than needlessly reprinting the entire document.
As a complement to your classroom studies, you may also benefit from independent study by downloading and reviewing the relevant curriculum.
If you cannot attend a class for which you have received confirmation, please let us know by using the same Course Registration/Cancellation Form you used when registering. Choose Cancel, complete the form, and click the submit button. It’s that easy.
The AASIS Support Center follows the state’s inclement weather policy. In the event state government is closed, the training will be rescheduled.
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