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Child Care Licensing

While the danger is always there, as the temperatures climb we need to be aware of the deadly combination of children and the heat in a vehicle.  The temperature in a car rises quickly.  The organization Kids and Cars gives us several dot points to think about regarding this issue:

  • A child’s body temperatures rises 3-5 times faster than an adults.
  • Even with windows cracked, the temperature in a vehicle can reach 125 degrees within minutes
  • On average, a child dies every 10 day
  • In 2010, 49 children died from this issue-the highest number in one year
  • Already 10 children have died in 2011
  • From 1998-2010, 495 children have died
  • 54.25% of these situations is due to someone unknowingly leaving children in a vehicle
  • The biggest danger is to think that that it cannot happen to you

Remember to always follow licensing procedures to ensure no child is ever left in a vehicle.  Also, please be aware of the temperature of the vehicle you place the children in.  Our goals are all the same-to keep children safe.  For more information of this subject, please see the fact sheet from Kids and Cars.


Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements for cribs, effective date – December 28, 2012

Child Care Minimum Licensing Standards DRAFTS

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