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  • A curriculum that is comprehensive, or that can be a supplement to an established curriculum
  • A curriculum that is flexible, allowing teachers to choose from 40 Topics of Study in nine focus areas and to decide when to explore them with children
  • A curriculum in which each Topic of Study begins with familiar children's books
  • A curriculum that includes language and literacy, science/discovery and math activities, food/nutrition experiences, movement/physical education, ideas for learning centers and outdoors, transition activities, family activities, and patterns for teacher-made materials
  • A curriculum that includes an optional weekly plan sheet for each Topic of Study
  • A curriculum designed for licensed and registered child care programs in Arkansas
  • A curriculum that includes activities based on the Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework Developmental Learning Strands and Benchmarks
  • A curriculum that links to resources available from the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education




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