Bayou Bartholomew Foundation



Bayou Bartholomew Foundation Established

For the past two or three years, the Bayou Bartholomew Alliance (BBA) Board has discussed the need to provide sustainable funding for the work of the BBA. The BBA has no employees, no staff. It contracts with Layher Bio Logics RTEC, Inc., for Dr. Bill Layher’s services as Coordinator. In addition to coordinating BBA activities, Bill writes grant proposals, coordinates activities under approved grants, writes and submits reports required by grantors. Bill also plans and conducts clean-ups, works on log jam modifications, fish sampling, newsletter editing, conservation easements, public presentations, et cetera. Much of his time is spent on grant writing and reporting.

In August, 2005, the BBA Board voted unanimously to proceed with establishment of the Bayou Bartholomew Foundation (BBF) with Marshall Rush to be the first President. While attorneys were working with BBA Board Members on By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, Marshall’s health rapidly declined and he died at his home on December 27.In May, 2006, the BBA Board adopted Foundation By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. The BBA Board elected the following as Charter Members of the Foundation Board: (Board Membership may range from 3-11 Members).

Ferd Bellingrath - Pine Bluff, AR
John McClendon - Monticello, AR
Gibbs Ferguson - McGehee, AR
Elton Kennedy - Mer Rouge, LA
George Pugh - Portland, AR
Stephany Rush Slagle - Hot Springs, AR

The Foundation Board elected Ferd Bellingrath to serve as President; John McClendon , Vice-President; Gibbs Ferguson Secretary; and Richard Metcalf (Head of Pine Bluff National Bank’s Trust Department), as Trustee. Pine Bluff National Bank was selected as the initial depository.

The BBF received its Arkansas Charter in June and is expecting IRS approval as a non-profit in the near future. All donations to the BB Foundation will be eligible for Federal and State tax deductions, as are donations to the BB Alliance. When sufficient funds are secured, returns on investments will provide a level of operating funds to greatly increase the pace of restoration and maintenance of the Bayou. Dr. Curtis Merrell, BBA President and Incorporator of the Foundation, has proposed a goal of “$5million in 5 years”. This will require strong local, state, regional, national, perhaps international, campaigns. Multi-year pledges or commitments will probably be solicited. Donations may be sent to:

Bayou Bartholomew Foundation
% Richard Metcalf, Trustee
Pine Bluff National Bank
P.O Box 7878
Pine Bluff, AR 71611