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Spine Image Arkansas State Board
Chiropractic Examiners


Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
101 East Capitol Avenue, Suite 209
Little Rock, AR  72201

(501) 682-9015 Business
(501) 682-9016 Fax Website  Email


Board Members and Staff

Board Members

Terry Barnett, D.C.
Term Expires: 6/2014

Julie Traylor-Logan, D.C.
Term Expires: 6/2017

Mr. Weldon Roberts
Treasurer and Public Member
Term Expires: 6/2018

Thomas R. Butler, D.C.
Investigation Officer
Term Expires: 6/2016

J. Kent Moore, D.C.
Examination Officer
Term Expires: 6/2015

Thomas D. Taylor, D.C., FICA
Board Member
Term Expires: 6/2018

Mr. Jack McCoy
Consumer Member
Term Expires: 6/2014

Note: Please call the Board office for any questions you might have.
(501) 682-9015


Rebecca F. Wright
Executive Director

Laurie Mayhan
Administrative Analyst   

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