Approved Online USPAP and Supervisor Trainee courses:  These courses are ONLY approved until December 31, 2020

  • Appraisal Institute:  Online Supervisory/Trainee Appraiser Course
  • Appraisal Institute:  2020-2021 Online 15-hour USPAP course equivalent
  • Appraisal Institute:  2020-2021 Online 7-hour USPAP course equivalent
  • Calypso Continuing Education:  2020-2021 7-hour Online USPAP Update course equivalent
  • The Columbia Institute:  2020-2021 7-hour National USPAP update
  • McKissock:  2020-2021 15-hour National USPAP Course
  • McKissock:  2020-2021 7-hour National USPAP Update Course
  • Mbition Learn Real Estate:  2020-2021 7-hour USPAP Update course equivalent
  • Mbition Learn Real Estate: Supervisor Trainee Appraiser

Remember, the 15-hour USPAP course does not replace the 7-hour USPAP Update.

ALCB Approved Appraisal Education*

Please contact the provider of your choosing, from our list, for the schedule of approved courses along with the cost of those courses.

Please send copies of completion certificates to

*The provider does not submit completion certificates to the board office.  The student must submit a copy of their certificate via email, fax or regular mail.