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Better Housing for a Better Arkansas

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The Governor’s Housing Conference promises "Better Housing for a Better Arkansas" as it focuses on issues ranging from preservation of affordable housing to developing a state housing policy.

If you are interested in the development and production of affordable housing in Arkansas, this is the most important event you will attend all year.

Hosted by ADFA, "Better Housing for a Better Arkansas" will be held on May 3, 2000, at the Statehouse Convention Center located next door to the Excelsior Hotel in downtown Little Rock.

Our preliminary agenda includes six topics: Homeownership, Rental Housing Development, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Effective Resource Layering for Affordable Housing Development, Staying out of Trouble – How to Manage and Maintain Affordable Housing, and Developing State Housing Policy.

Keynote speakers include Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee; Saul Ramirez, Jr., Deputy Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and John T. McEvoy, Executive Director of the National Council of State Housing Agencies.

Registration materials will be sent out in March. Watch the mail or check this web page for updates, registration information and sponsorship opportunities.


Board actions
(January/February meetings)

ADFA Board of Directors approved the following actions during its January and February board meetings:


ADFA Welcomes New Board Members

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Ms. Margaret McEntire, President/CEO Candy Bouquet International, Inc.
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Mr. Johnny Lang, Real Estate Appraiser, U.S.D.A. Rural Development
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ADFA Employee Spotlight

To give you a better understanding of the daily activities that take place at ADFA, I’ve decided, over the next few months, to spotlight the activities of some of our staff.

This month I’m featuring Rhonda Kimble, ADFA Housing Compliance Officer. She is responsible for monitoring multifamily housing developments that have used one or a combination of HOME program funds, tax credits or tax-exempt multifamily housing bonds.

Annually Rhonda visits approximately 75 multifamily complexes. She makes random file reviews and personal inspections of 20 percent of a development’s total units. She also has the secondary role of monitoring for Fair Housing compliance.

Before a review is totally complete, any noncompliance issues are discussed with management, and Rhonda provides technical assistance to bring a complex into compliance.

I would like to add that Rhonda has been with ADFA for 22-years. This gives her the honor of being the Authority’s most tenured employee.


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