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  It is through the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds and notes, the administration of private and public grants and partnering with federal, state and private resources, that ADFA gives Arkansas a cost-effective choice in financing projects involving industry, local government, education, agriculture, health care, minority businesses, port facilities, exports and state infrastructure.

  ADFA has programs addressing the needs in each of these important components that drive the economic development of Arkansas. Its Industrial Development Bond Program, Agricultural Loan Program and Intermediary Relending Program provide long-term, below market fixed interest rate loans to manufacturing industries and qualified farmers throughout the state. Along with the large industrial loan programs, ADFA also serves the capital needs of the smaller entrepreneurs in the state through its Capital Access Program, which is a partnering program with commercial banks that allows a lender to make more aggressive loans that might not be possible otherwise. ADFA also administers a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, with a mixture of public and private funding, that provides working capital funds for qualifying companies in construction projects. ADFA administers the Export Credit Insurance Policy in the state for the Ex-Im Bank of the United States and assists exporters with their working capital credit needs.

  ADFA has support services for the aquaculture and agriculture industries extending beyond financing opportunities. ADFA, as a primary industry resource, represents the fish farmers of the state concerning the unique issues affecting this significant and growing statewide industry. Also, through its Farm Link Program, ADFA provides a statewide listing service that links retiring farmers with aspiring farmers, helping to foster a new generation of family farms and ranches in Arkansas. ADFA also administers the Arkansas Farmer/Creditor Mediation Program which offers a potential alternative to judicial proceedings in resolving farmer/creditor issues.

  ADFA, on its own as well as partnering with the federal government and other state agencies, also supports the development of Arkansas communities through various loan programs. Its new Port Facilities Revolving Loan Program is designed to support investment in port facilities for Arkansas's navigable waterways. Also, in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology, low-interest loans to municipalities are providing for improvements to waste water treatment facilities.

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Mike Ward, Owner of War Eagle Boats in Monticello, AR, on obtaining an Industrial Development Bond Loan

  "It's not an easy process but it's well worth it. Being able to acquire such a favorable interest rate has allowed us to keep our payments reasonable and to use the money not spent on interest to finance inventory or reinvest in equipment."


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