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An up-dated statement of qualifications should be maintained on file at ADFA containing the following information:



1.     General Information Regarding the Firm.  Please provide the following information about your firm:


a.     Total number of years experience in the market analysis industry

b.    A list of professional employees employed by your firm

c.     A list of employees currently engaged in market analysis activities


2.     Statement of Experience as Market Analyst.  Please provide a representative list of recent (last one to two years) affordable housing market studies, which you participated.  Include specifics for all project experience, including name of project, location, number of units, type of units (family, elderly, other special needs), financing subsidies in project (rental assistance, tax credits, HOME, other public financing), and date of completion


a.     Name of Property Owner(s)

b.    Location of Projects (address, city, state)

c.     Size of Properties inspected (i.e., # of units, sq. ft., cost range of property)

d.    Type of Project:  Residential (single and/or multi-family)

e.     Type of Activity:  Rehabilitation, new construction or home inspection

f.      Names and experience of individuals who will be conducting actual work on projects.

g.     List of certifications, licenses and training obtained related to knowledge of construction techniques, building materials, regulatory codes and building plans/specifications

h.    Approximate fee range you would charge to complete work.  If your fee will change based on location or size of project, this should be clearly indicated in the explanation.

i.      Time Requirement.  How long will it take you to complete your work?



3.     Client References.  Provide between three and five client references for which you provided services that you feel represent activities similar to the programs being undertaken by ADFA in which you expect to participate.


4.     Contact Information.  Please provide the following information:


a.     Name of Your Firm/Company

b.    Mailing Address and street address

c.     Phone Number/cell phone/pager

d.    Fax Number

e.     Email address


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