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Development Finance Programs

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Industrial Development Bond (IDB) Program Files

  1. IDB Bond Guaranty Program Description

  2. IDB Bond Guaranty Program Pre-Application

  3. IDB Program Personal Financial Statement 

  4. Small Issue Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs) Fact Sheet:  Tax-Exempt Bonds

  5. Federal Restrictions on Tax-Exempt Industrial Development Bonds

  6. Small Issue Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs) Fact Sheet:  Taxable Bonds

  7. ADFA Bond Guaranty Program Policy Statement

  8. ADFA Bond Guaranty Program Sequence of Events

  9. ADFA Bond Guaranty Bond Program Information Checklist

  10. ADFA Bond Guaranty Company Debt Schedule

  11. ADFA Bond Guaranty Program Sample Application

Conduit issues including: IDB's, 501c3's and exempt facility bonds

  1. Application for Conduit Issues


Speculative Building Loan Program

  1. Speculative Building Loan Program Description

  2. Speculative Building Contractor Qualification Form

  3. Speculative Building Resolution

  4. Speculative Building Loan Program Application


Tourism Development Loan Program

  1. Tourism Development Loan Program Description

  2. Tourism Development Pre-Application

  3. Tourism Development Business Plan For Success

  4. Tourism Development Program Sequence of Events

  5. Tourism Development Non-Recourse Loan Participation Agreement

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Contractor Loan Insurance Program

  1. DBE Program Procedures, Standards, and Criteria

AR Cash Program (Arkansas Credit Reserve Program) -

  1. AR Cash Program Description

  2. AR Cash Program - Flyer

  3. Arkansas Credit Reserve Program Guidelines

  4. Arkansas Credit Reserve Lender Agreement

  5. Arkansas Credit Reserve Program Appendix
        *Arkansas Credit Reserve Loan Registration Form
        *Arkansas Credit Reserve Annual Reporting Form
        *Arkansas Credit Reserve Borrower Notice and Waiver
        *Arkansas Credit Reserve Claim Form

Capital Access Program

  1. Capital Access Program Description
  2. Capital Access Program Fact Sheet
  3. Capital Access Program Sample Loan A
  4. Capital Access Program Sample Loan B
  5. Capital Access Program Sample Loan C
  6. Capital Access Program Loan Filing Form
  7. Capital Access Program Notice to Borrower
  8. Capital Access Program Agreement
  9. Capital Access Program Claim Form
  10. Record of Participating Banks
  11. Borrowers' Representations Regarding Reserve Fund



    1. Farmer Creditor Mediation Description

    2. Creditor Notice To Farmer of Right To Request Mediation


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