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2006 Practitioner’s Showcase: Best IDB Issuers

Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA)
Takes Home Top Honor - Best Issuer

June 2, 2006
Austin, Texas

ADFA staff members (left to right): Chuck Cathey, Development
Finance Loan Officer; Gene Eagle, Vice President of Development
Finance; Becka Webb, Development Finance Loan Officer and
Derrick Rose, Communications Manager receive the 2006 Best
IDB Issuer Award.

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority was crowned the Best IDB Issuer in the country on June 2 as part of CDFA's 20th Annual Development Finance Summit. As part of the 2006 Annual Summit, the Council introduced a new and exciting program called the Practitioner’s Showcase. This year, and for years to come, CDFA will use the Showcase to recognize outstanding development finance programs and success stories.

The 2006 Showcase highlighted the nation’s finest industrial development bond issuers. Four finalist were selected from the applications submitted to CDFA throughout the early part of the year. The final four issuers were invited to Austin to present their programs to the Summit attendees who in turn conducted a live vote that crowned the 2006 Best IDB Issuer. The four finalists included:

All four finalist gave top notch presentations which highlighted their various program. Each worthy of the distinction and invitation to the showcase finale. ADFA's Bond Guaranty Program was the highlight of the showcase as represented by Gene Eagle, Vice President for Economic Development. Mr. Eagle is a past President and long time member and board member of CDFA and has achieved many success with the ADFA.

The award, the first of its kind in the development finance or economic development industry was awarded to Mr. Eagle and the ADFA by CDFA Board President Frances Walton, Past Board Presidents Gary Smith and CDFA Executive Director Toby Rittner. Mark Huston, Past President of CDFA and current Board member moderated the showcase.

CDFA Executive Director Toby Rittner (far left), Board President
Frances Walton and Past Board President Gary Smith (far right)
present Gene Eagle, ADFA Vice President of Economic
Development with the 2006 Best IDB Issuer Award.