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January 18, 2008


Victor Turner (501) 682-5860,
Derrick Rose   (501) 682-5904,



ADFA Awards $467,500 for Affordable Housing in St. Francis County


Little Rock, AR (January 18, 2008) – The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA), Arkansas’s state housing finance agency, on January 17, approved the allocation of $467,500 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds for the St. Francis County CDC.

The funds will be used to construct five homes for low-income homebuyers in St. Francis County.  The new homes will be approximately 1,200 square foot with proposed sales prices between $97,000 and $105,000.  Recently St. Francis County CDC successfully completed a similar project using HOME Program funds.

The HOME Program makes funds available for the development of affordable housing for low and moderate-income individuals and families, and encourages partnerships among state agencies, local governments, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations.  For more information on the HOME Program, contact Victor Turner, ADFA HOME Program Manager, at (501) 682-5860.  For more information on the programs and services offered by ADFA, visit our website at .



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